Mr Gascoyne
year 4

I’ve been teaching since 1997- mostly in schools even smaller than Berkeley. I’ve been at Berkeley for 7 happy weeks!

Here’s a list of the most beloved things in my life (probably, but not necessarily in this order): my wife, Kate; our teenage kids, Anya (16) and Ben (nearly 14); our two cats (Chloe and Bob); two battered topper sailing dinghies (Topsy and Buttercup), and rugby (Bristol and England).

Getting to know Mr Gascoyne -

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 items would you take? - Knife, fire-steel and a jerry can (boring but true!)

What's your favourite food? - Friday night chicken passanda, peshwari naan and biryani

Do you have a secret talent? - I can rollerskate - National Skating Grade 8!