Miss Robbins

I've been teaching since 2003 and joined Berkeley in 2005. During my time at Berkeley, I've taught children from Reception up to Y6. Having spent 6 years as deputy head, I now have the honour of becoming headteacher at a school I feel so passionate about. I've watched children grow from babies, to young adults and take pleasure in seeing children from Berkeley grow and develop into wonderful citizens with big dreams, great ambitions and fantastic talents! I advocate education that inspires children to learn, bringing great fun and enjoyment to learning! In 2008, I became a Mum which has been my biggest life achievement! We moved from Charfield to Berkeley in 2011 and I'm proud that my daughter is growing up in such a nurturing and fantastic family orientated community. Apart from my family, my greatest loves are my dogs, Lenny and Buddy! I adore dogs and firmly believe they are blessings! Dogs are so loving and they are great healers! The excitement I am welcomed home to each day from my dogs makes me so happy! I also love swimming, reading and doing anything arty! I love painting and doing craft projects. I adore being by the coast and am happiest when enjoying time by the sea with family and friends!

Getting to know Miss Robbins -

Do you have a celebrity crush? - Tom Hardy.

Best piece of advice you were given - Ships are meant to sail, not sit in the harbour.

If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be? - Frank Sinatra