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OUR WEALTH OF LOCAL RESOURCESThe school is located in the historic town of Berkeley in Gloucestershire. Here we have the good fortune to have a wealth of learning resources on our ‘doorstep’ which our children can access.


A short walking distance from the school can be found The Edward Jenner Museum. The museum is Jenner’s former home and houses a fascinating account of the life and works of this man.Jenner was a general practitioner of medicine and surgeon, but it is his research into the spread of infectious diseases which has made him world famous. His introduction of a vaccine against Smallpox in 1796 has made a significant difference to many on a global scale.You may like to discover more about Jenner’s work by visiting www.jennermuseum.com.


Berkeley Castle has been an ever present landmark in this area for over 1000 years.  Steeped in British history, it was reputed to be the place where King Edward II was murdered and a scene of battle in 1645 when Colonel Thomas Rainsborough seized the castle for the Parliamentarians during the Civil War. However, after the siege the Berkeley family were allowed to retain ownership.The Castle can boast to be the oldest continuously owned and occupied by the same family in England.


Beside Berkeley Castle is yet another jewel in the crown of the town’s rich history, the 13th century church of St. Mary’s. The church building itself and the churchyard provide a wealth of objects which enable the children to explore and learn about history and the heritage from which they come.

There are a significant number of table tombs in the churchyard. The most famous tomb belongsDuring the Victorian era a number of medieval wall paintings were accidentally discovered inside the church.  Of course, within the walls there are memorials to the town’s famous family, the Berkeley’s. The tomb of Thomas Berkeley, the 5thBaron, and his wife Katherine provide excellent examples of wood carving.to Dickie Pearce. Pearce was probably the last ‘court jester’ in England and died after falling from the minstrel gallery during a performance at the castle.

The children frequent the church regularly. Notable occasions are the Christmas and Easter Services which are always well attended by parents and carers and other members of the local community.  The close link with St Mary’s is also reflected in the church’s commitment in sharing bible stories during whole school assemblies once a week. This once a week event is known to the children as ‘Open the Book’.