Class 1

Welcome to Class 1 ... we think it's the place to be! Take a look at our blog to see what we are up to.

  • Spring 1 2021

    Spring 1 2021

  • Autumn 1 2020

    Our new topic will start with us asking 'RV There Yet?'. We will take the time to explore the United Kingdom in all its glory. We will learn about one of Britain's finest engineers and we will discover which materials are best in some tricky weather.

  • Class 1 Curriculum

    In Class 1 we follow the National Curriculum. To help us with our Phonics work, we use Jolly Phonics and Rapid Phonics. For PSHCE we use JIgsaw. Each term we have a new topic that touches on each area of the curriculum.

  • Spring 2 2020

    Our new topic this term is 'When I Grow Up...' please look at the class page where you will find the topic map for this term. You will see that this term we are going to focus on things that grow. Science will see us exploring plants and trees. We are also going to have a go at growing a plant ourselves. History will see us look at some modern history, we explored England from 200 years ago, now is the time to look at how times have changed since we have been born. I look forward to exploring this with the children throughout the next six weeks!

  • Spring 1 2020

    This term Year 1 will be delving into the past, we are going to explore the a Time Warp which has taken us into the Victorian Era... We shall explore Victorian toys and games and learn a little bit about the least amused monarch in history. Join us at home by reading 'The 1000 year old boy' and enjoy learning a little bit about the past.

  • Summer 1 2020

    This term is slightly different as we are all learning from home. We shall be working on lots of different activities with a link to Goldilocks and The Three Bears. I look forward to seeing the effort that you are all putting into your work.

  • Autumn 2 2019

    We are carrying on with our topic of 'Are We There Yet?'. We shall carry on with using map skills and we are going to start looking into famous explorers. We are going to think about materials and have a go at creating boats that sink - choosing our materials wisely.

  • Autumn 1 2019

    An excting and engaging topic where the children get to go on an adventure every day. Whilst learning all about exciting explorers and their travels they will be introduced to a variety of countries, cultures, foods, dances and much more. An exciting topic and one I hope they are excited about!