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School Admissions

We are delighted you are considering our school for your child’s education. Admissions to our school are run by Gloucestershire County Council.

 Our admission number for each year at school is 30. When this has been reached then you can still apply for a place but this will have to go to appeal which is run by Gloucestershire County Council.

 To get the latest advice on admissions visit the Gloucestershire County Council website below or alternatively phone us at school .

 There are two types of admissions and both are described below: 

  • Applying for a Reception Place for September 2022

 The closing date for applying for a Reception place is 15 January 2022. You will need to apply online using the website above. The Local Authority look at the schools you have put as a preference and see if they can offer you a place at any of them. Places will be offered on 19 April 2022. 

  • Applying for a place during the school year

 If you move to the area during the school year or your child needs to move school for other reasons you will need to apply for a school place by contacting the school directly.

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